My rock and inspiration.

There are hundreds of quotes in the world that you hear about grandparents, how loving and caring they are, how they are always there for their grandchildren, how defending they can be. and I can say every caring quote I have read about grandparents makes a smile rise to my face. 

My Gran was my most precious friend in the world, she was my port in a storm, my cuddle when I cried, those soft arms used to take me in when problems arose, and in her hold, I felt safe from any danger. She really was a huge inspiration to me and I cherish every moment we spent together. 

The reason for this post is because 7 years ago today, she passed away, she fought a long and unneeded battle against cancer, and the bastard cancer won. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in February 2006, at the age of 82, she wasn’t going to go through any recovery stages…because the cancer had taken hold. She had also spent years caring for my grandad who suffered from skin cancer, and she spent weeks in hospital watching him suffer, watching the doctors feed him chemo, watching his life fade away…and rightly so, she didn’t want that, she wanted to go in her own way.

She was a matriarch through and through And her attitude towards cancer was as strong as anything else..she wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

I remember clearly myself and my Mum looking after her as she refused to go to a hospice, she refused to be looked after by others. She wanted the people around her she loved…and we cared for her because for years she had cared for us. one day a visiting nurse told us it was impossible for us to look after her, she needed her last few days to be in a hospice. Myself and my mum were exhausted, we spent every waking hour making sure she was as comfortable as possible. To our heartbreak the nurse arranged her to go in the hospice on the 5th March 2007, we knew if my Gran was any stronger she would have refused, but she couldn’t. 

The afternoon of the 4th March, my Gran let go..we knew she wasn’t happy to go in a hospice the next day, and her stubbornness held until the end And I am happy she let go when she did. She did her way until the end. Not before asking to see all her grandchildren. her last words were ‘I need to know your all safe and happy, because David’s here.’ David was my granddad, who passed away in 1997. He had come to collect her and hold her hand to heaven but she wasn’t leaving us until she knew her daughter, son in law and grandchildren were OK with her departure. We told her we were safe, we told her we loved her and we held her hand whilst her soul raised from her empty shell. 

I sat with my Gran for quite some time after she passed away, I held her hand and I kissed her forehead. I told her secrets I had never told anyone else. I knew she was no longer with us but it felt comforting. The entertainment industry has made death a scary and disgusting thing..however its not when your sat with your best friend who has finally given up on a fight they knew they couldnt win, but they weren’t going without a fight. It’s a moment of sadness, a moment of happiness, a moment of realisation. Just because my gran was no longer breathing, didn’t mean her soul wasn’t everywhere around us.

it never gets any easier, I miss her more everyday, I think about her everyday. But I know, if I need her I just need to think about her and she’s there. 

She was the most important person to me in the world, I loved her more than anyone in the world and she really was the person who inspired me to inspire others. The 17 years I had with her were the most precious in the world and I wouldn’t change them for anything…even the days she would be pulling her hair out trying to explain a simple math equation to me! (She would have given Carol Vordeman a run for her money!) 

My Gran Barbara Annie Colebrooke was an angel on earth. She was the most beautiful person With a beautiful heart and this is why I am here today.



We got married in the snow and then went skiing!


So, it has been a Bit quiet on here recently and you will have to excuse me…I went off to Italy with my fiancé on holiday to Sauze d’oulx in Italy and whilst we were there we got married!

and something I wanted to talk about was marriage..the hype, the money, the dress, the colours, the attendees…and you know what…the media have made it such b*llocks to have the biggest wedding! the biggest cake! the biggest dress???and you know what??we did none of that!

we planned our wedding 2 months before we went on holiday. We told only family members and told them we were doing it On our own because we didn’t expect them to pay to travel to a ski resort in Italy. But we would have a party when we came back.

We didn’t ask for presents, we didn’t ask for money..I think it is disgusting for the future bride and groom to expect presents and then decide what their guests will give a contribution to their honeymoon..PEOPLE..if you can’t afford a honeymoon..DONT GO ON ONE!

We paid for everything ourselves..and I mean everything. No one pledged or donated anything.

We got married in the town hall with just two witnesses, and after the wedding, we got changed and got back on the slopes skiing. It was the best day of my life..and it felt know why..because there was no one there to complain about the food, complain about the venue, people worrying about money, donations, presents. the day was about us toe, what we both wanted to do, where we both wanted to go.

If you are thinking of getting yourself a favour, save up and only do it the way YOU both want it. Don’t listen to friends who tell you that you need a bigger dress than Kim Kardasian’s derrière, a cake that honey boo boo can jump out of and only a certain colour code Because “traditionally it means….” NO!

It’s all a load of toff when others try and include themselves in your big day. Have it as big or as little as you want…at the end of the day, it’s one day..that one day isn’t going to have any outcome of your life together.

The most inspiring couple I know got married out of the blue, they got witnesses off the street and had fish and chips on a park bench…50 years later they are still together and loving life together. One day that costs you £30K isn’t going to promise you a lifetime of happiness. As long as you two do what you want, your happy and comfortable with what you both will be happy.

E-Books – are they any good!?

So, one thing I have always loved to do is write, I used to sit for hours writing stories, diaries, scrapbooks..the lot. I loved making a book personal to me But also, exciting for the reader.

I have many ideas in my head of what I want to write at the momen, some ideas are fictional, some non fictional. But the thing is…I dont have all the time in the world to sit and write all day. so I thought of writing an ebook, something I could sit with on a night and write a couple of is only going to be a small one but how do I actually get into writing and book and how on earth would I sell something ! If you have ever wrtoe an ebook and think its helpful to give me some tips..please do 🙂

i am based in the uk so please remember this when sending links over as a lot of pages I am looking at to help me with this are all American and it isn’t helpful !!


your words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. And Thankyou in advance x

Inspiration Block?

Hey All. 

I haven’t been on here for a few days, and the reason to that is .. Because I am lacking inspiration! My momentum has slowed down significantly!! So…what I want to know is…what are you inspirational stories, I would love to hear some of your stories that keep you inspired!

go on…I dare you! 

Ladies & Gentlemen..The Fad of The Year is…

New fad

New fad

The ‘bikini bridge’ ……

What a load of all tosh! I just read about this new fad and I can honestly say how disgusted I am with the people that came up with this.

Ladies…and not forgetting gentlemen..please be careful of this, if you are thinking this is the ‘only thing you need this summer’ or ‘best accessory of this year!’ … careful! This world is so obsessed with a weight..or the lack of it that young girls at the age of 11 feel they are too fat. It makes me so sad to see things like this..not because I don’t have a ‘bikini bridge’ but more of the fact…because I’s not healthy, it’s not pretty And it certainly isn’t going to make that guy fall in love with you..because your bones aren’t what they want But sadly the media portray the celebrity bodies that really shouldn’t be to inspire to.

Ladies and gentlemen..please eat responsibly! Eat good food because it will make you feel good and hey…it will make you look good!

This may not be like my last posts but I feel very strongly on this matter.


The road to Recovery

The road to Recovery

I read this story earlier, I thought it was a great story to read, it’s about a young lady who suffered from anorexia, however it struck a cord with me how her story was about her recovery and how she’s in the gym now as a fitness junkie with a fantastic diet to help her recovery and support her journey of getting back to full fitness…which is amazing. I thought it was a good read so I thought I would share with you. 


An idea for YOU this year

An idea for YOU this year

This is something I did for my fiancé last year, I started it on the January 1st 2013, I kept it going all year and my last note was put in on New Years Eve 2013, it is jam packed full of happy memories, receipts from lovely meals where we had a date night, compliments, positive memories. It is to keep the good memories of the past year instead of remembering all the negative things that happened. Do’s free, it’s positive and the things you look back on New Years Eve 2014 will put a huge smile on your face!

Who I am and Why I am Here

Hey All!! So I am taking the ZerotoHero challenge and here I am writing about who I am and why I am here! 

I am here because I just love writing, as a kid I would have stacks of journals, diaries, scrap books that I would go to on a night, look through magazine and rip out any pictures or quotes that inspired me. Sadly, times have changed and now technology has taken over..I still love to write though!


I am here because I want to inspire the world, there is too much negativity in this world, you just need to check out the Daily Mail (UK) to see how much death, distraught, murder, sadness there really is..and how are people suppose to feel happy and safe when they read all that…so this is why I set up my blog, it is to inspire others and to make others smile!! I have stories, pictures and admiration a on my blog and writing it makes me smile..that’s why I do it. 

I want more though..I want more people to see my work, not because I am ‘up myself’ but because I know I was put on this planet to help others. I am a Massage Therapist, fully self employed and work my ass off to make sure others are relaxed, chilled, balanced and happy. And I love it!!


but I want to know how I can DO more! And I hope this challenge is going to to help me do that.

thanks all for reading.

Need YOUR help!

Hi guys,

so I have been thinking of making some extra money by possibly blogging. Do you…yes you reading this make any cash for blogging? What do you blog about? What do you find successful? What advice would you give someone wanting to start making cash for blogging? 

I would really appreciate your replies on this matter as I am finding it pretty overwhelming!

and in advance…Thankyou..

p.S. Any likers that don’t reply..I will hunt you down 😉 x