Interested in becoming an Inspiration?

I am a Massage Therapist *cringe* – I hate using that term. But I am and I can’t hide from it – but I am so much more.

  1. I give people ‘balance’
  2. I make people understand that massage is so much more than just a rub with some nice smelling oils!
  3. I am setting up a program soon that is to ensure that people take care of ‘self’ – instead of thinking massage as a luxury – it is so much more important.

Massage brings balance, serenity, power and inspiration! Sound silly? I have so many clients that stumble into my treatment room, they’re tired, worn out, aching and 10% of themselves, my job whilst they are with me is to make that 10%, 100% and to make them feel ideal again, and the words I hear after 60 minutes is ‘WOW, incredible, I feel like me again!” : that phrase is what I thrive towards…I want to make people feel like that because it is so important in everyday life to feel like that ALL the time – not just after a treatment, so my program will be ensuring that people take the time for themselves every day to feel like ‘them again’ it could be anything from going for a walk in the countryside to doing something that used to inspire them as a child – I want them to do something everyday that they used to want to do for the rest of their lives – bring that inner child out – because a lot of us DON’T – we used to dream of being pilots, astronauts, famous singers – and what were we told by our elders “You can’t be an astronaut, you have to be very clever to do that, and it is almost impossible!” OK, so hopefully not everyone’s elders said this at school, it was probably our teachers (definately mine!) my parents wanted me to do what I loved, a few years ago I ended up working at a desk for 8 hours a day, running around for the boss who at the time was sat at home drinking coffee – It was only when I took the time out for myself and dug deep down to my inner child that I realised – I wanted to be a therapist when I was 10 years old. Bugger me – I did it – OK I did need that push through the door from my fantastic fiance, but I saved up my cash and in January 2013 I left the admin job and started to grow a business – for me!

So I know what it is like to sit in a job you hate, you have to hide your real self because you are around professionals (yeah right, and how happy are they being ‘professionals!?) , you work like a dog for someone who may say they appreciate it – but they don’t!! So now, I know I was put on this earth to bring out YOUR inner child. Did you want to be an artist when you were younger? What is actually stopping you from doing that? Money, other people?? Stop!(hammertime) the excuses – you have one life – do what makes YOU happy!

I want to ask you a few questions and you can answer below – no judgement, no laughing will be included:

What did you want to be when you were younger? Did you continue to do it? If not, what are you doing now? And most importantly – are you happy doing it?

Go ahead……ROCK your answers below!!


Me, Rocking and Inspiring others :-)

Me, Rocking and Inspiring others 🙂


A story to warm the cockles of your heart

My friend Mike told me the following story, it was a powerful moment he told us it and I wanted to share because it just shows the drive and determination of some people, and how determination can save others lives:

I hope I write this as good as it was told to me, so here it goes…

A fisherman asked Mike (The manager of fishing ponds) one day if the fishing pools gave discount to ex forces, Mike replied ‘Yes of course’

” Good, because the guy over there in the wheelchair was Ex Forces, go speak to him”

Mike walked over to the old gentleman in the wheelchair, he was sat talking to himself and chilling out by a willow tree. The gentleman (who never spoke his name) only had one leg and had much damage to his arms.

” I hear you are Ex Forces Sir, I would like to tell you that you have discount whenever you come here to fish” Mike calmly said to the gentleman in the wheelchair ensuring he didn’t spook him.

“Thank-you young sir, would you like to hear a story of my time in the forces?”

Mike being ex forces himself also, replied with a huge yes, he sat by the gentleman with open ears.

” I was in Burma, in the jungle, myself and a friend were captured and made Prisoners of War, when we were taken to our ‘new home’ we met lots of men who were just skin and bone, they had marks of abuse, their eyes were full of pain and a lot of them just sat humming to themselves, rocking back and forth as a sign of comfort..or insanity. After a few months I had lost all my weight, I had no energy but I needed to get out of the prison I was in. One day I arranged a meeting with a couple more POW, I told them I wanted to get out and I needed people to cause an alarm so I could get away quickly. “They will kill you, they will kill us, you will never get away!” they all said, but I wanted to try, I was determined to get away. “And even if you do, you will be stuck in the jungle, no food or water, you will die!” They all cried at me.

“I don’t care, If I escape and die in the jungle, at least I will die a free man.” I spoke to the others.

The next day, there was a huge riot, the POW started fighting and caused a diversion for me to get away, It took me a while, but my friend and I, we got away. We just ran, and ran, we ended up running into the jungle, it was dry, we were thirsty, we wanted to eat and so binged on the grubs around, whether they were insects or plants – we ate it, we didn’t care. We were in the jungle for 2 weeks before we were found, our own countrymen found us and took us back to be fed and watered at the camp. We had lost a lot of weight, my ribs stuck out, you could see all the vertebrae in my spine through my skin, I needed food….and once I had been fed and watered to the point I had a little energy I turned to my friend.

” I am going back.”

“Going back where?” My friend spoke with wide eyes and hoping I wasn’t going to say what he was thinking.

“I am going to save the others, they need to be free men as well.”

My friend, with a face of complete horror in his face I also saw a glint in his eye

The next day we grenaded a tank, we got in and we were well on our way to save the others. We had ammunition, we had the tank, we had drive.

5am in the morning, we stormed the POW prison, the wardens had no idea, we fought with everything we had – which wasn’t much, but we had determination.

By 8am that morning, we had saved 200 prisoners of war and got them back to our camp.

We saved ourselves to save others.

A couple of weeks later, the old gentleman passed away, his ashes were buried in the place he would sit on a day to day basis at the fishing ponds, and every time I walk past his ashes, I tip my hat to him.

A story so true, it sounds unreal, but it just shows through determination, desperation and drive…anything is possible.



(Picture received at google images, no relation to the story)

Why not today?

1 question: have you woken up today? If the answer to this question is yes: then it is a good day to be awesome!

People worry, stress, moan for all the wrong reasons, I for one can be one of those people – we are human and we have emotions. But, just think for a moment, you make your day…people can try and ruin it, your boss could be a complete arsehole, you might have an argument with a friend but life is far to short to be miserable, because there will come a time when you think ‘why did I moan so frigging much when really I had nothing to moan about?’

Today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year … hell; it’s a good day to be awesome




What are you real thoughts to Women Bodybuilders

EPDsCWMOk, so I will put my hand up, a few years ago if you had shown me Dana Linn Bailey, I would have probably run for the hills. However, a few mature years later with a lot more understanding, determination and admiration I am now proud to call her an idol. She is HER BRAND, she travels to competitions, guest poses and is an awesome entrepreneur. I think her dedication to Bodybuilding is fantastic, she is an inspiration not just to other female bodybuilders but to females in general – she is a walking buildboard of herself and her brand – and how many women would love to have the confidence she has? I know I would! I started bodybuilding a few months back, but got too much into it and made myself ill – I am looking to start again very soon and do it properly this time around.

So I would like to know – what are your thoughts on female bodybuilders? Do they disgust or drive you? Do you think they look awful or awesome? True answers please,

She’s a real bar-belle: Female lawyer swaps her wig and gown for a bikini and wins top award as a bodybuilder

She’s a real bar-belle: Female lawyer swaps her wig and gown for a bikini and wins top award as a bodybuilder

I take off my hat to this lady, even with a busy life, job and 2 children she has found the time to win a natural body building award. It may not be to everyone’s taste, however she has shown that you can do whatever you put your mind to as long as you are determined and driven. 3 cheers from me!