What are you real thoughts to Women Bodybuilders

EPDsCWMOk, so I will put my hand up, a few years ago if you had shown me Dana Linn Bailey, I would have probably run for the hills. However, a few mature years later with a lot more understanding, determination and admiration I am now proud to call her an idol. She is HER BRAND, she travels to competitions, guest poses and is an awesome entrepreneur. I think her dedication to Bodybuilding is fantastic, she is an inspiration not just to other female bodybuilders but to females in general – she is a walking buildboard of herself and her brand – and how many women would love to have the confidence she has? I know I would! I started bodybuilding a few months back, but got too much into it and made myself ill – I am looking to start again very soon and do it properly this time around.

So I would like to know – what are your thoughts on female bodybuilders? Do they disgust or drive you? Do you think they look awful or awesome? True answers please,


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