I would like you to tell me …

So, I see I have any new followers, so a big HELLO and THANK-YOU!! I appreciate you following my blog, I would like to take this opportunity to find out more about my followers…who are you, where are you from, why do you blog..is it for fun, is it a career choice and what’s one thing that inspires you….

I will start…

my name is Lyz, I am from North Yorks in the UK, I blog because I see too much bad things on the internet…it depresses me! I want to share my inspired stories, experiences and blog about the people that inspire me as a person…because this world has far too little inspiring stories,my page is a little beacon of light (or so I hope) for people that may be feeling down..read my stories and blogs and hopefully if I can make someone smile throughout my blogs..I’m doing my job on this planet correctly! I would love for rockandinspire.wordpress.com to be BIGGER so I can inspire others x

come on I would love to hear more about my followers .. even if it’s just one sentence, tell all !!


4 thoughts on “I would like you to tell me …

  1. Nice to meet you.
    I blog because how else am I going to get a book deal!
    Ok, that may have been why I started, but I keep it up because I enjoy the company of the people I’ve met, and i like trading the stories.

      • I don’t get paid, and would be leery of doing product placements. My only other online presences under this name are on linkedin and twitter.
        I keep this separate from my professional and real life identities.

        Some bloggers I enjoyed were able to do a bunch of product review posts in exchange for the product. For me, their tones on those posts were very different from their regular tones that it was very off putting.
        (Of course, that doesn’t mean I’d turn down cash/stuff if it was offered.) 😀

        If you upgrade to a premium wp account, you have more freedom over other links you can post, and you can sell that space to vendors/advertisers/etc.

  2. I’m Elyse. I started blogging develop my humor writing, and because I have told my hilariously funny stories once (or one hundred) times too often for the humans who know me. I found I liked writing short pithy stuff, liked telling stories, liked interacting with other bloggers. Over 2-1/2 years, my blog has morphed into a mish-mash of stuff. I write what I want when I want to write it. Sometimes stories, sometimes politics, sometimes just silly thoughts.

    And like Guap above (one of my blogging buddies, and a really delightful guy), I’ve found great camaraderie here in the ‘sphere.

    Nice to meet another blogger with a “Y” — Elyse

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