Who I am and Why I am Here

Hey All!! So I am taking the ZerotoHero challenge and here I am writing about who I am and why I am here! 

I am here because I just love writing, as a kid I would have stacks of journals, diaries, scrap books that I would go to on a night, look through magazine and rip out any pictures or quotes that inspired me. Sadly, times have changed and now technology has taken over..I still love to write though!


I am here because I want to inspire the world, there is too much negativity in this world, you just need to check out the Daily Mail (UK) to see how much death, distraught, murder, sadness there really is..and how are people suppose to feel happy and safe when they read all that…so this is why I set up my blog, it is to inspire others and to make others smile!! I have stories, pictures and admiration a on my blog and writing it makes me smile..that’s why I do it. 

I want more though..I want more people to see my work, not because I am ‘up myself’ but because I know I was put on this planet to help others. I am a Massage Therapist, fully self employed and work my ass off to make sure others are relaxed, chilled, balanced and happy. And I love it!!


but I want to know how I can DO more! And I hope this challenge is going to to help me do that.

thanks all for reading.


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