Ladies & Gentlemen..The Fad of The Year is…

New fad

New fad

The ‘bikini bridge’ ……

What a load of all tosh! I just read about this new fad and I can honestly say how disgusted I am with the people that came up with this.

Ladies…and not forgetting gentlemen..please be careful of this, if you are thinking this is the ‘only thing you need this summer’ or ‘best accessory of this year!’ … careful! This world is so obsessed with a weight..or the lack of it that young girls at the age of 11 feel they are too fat. It makes me so sad to see things like this..not because I don’t have a ‘bikini bridge’ but more of the fact…because I’s not healthy, it’s not pretty And it certainly isn’t going to make that guy fall in love with you..because your bones aren’t what they want But sadly the media portray the celebrity bodies that really shouldn’t be to inspire to.

Ladies and gentlemen..please eat responsibly! Eat good food because it will make you feel good and hey…it will make you look good!

This may not be like my last posts but I feel very strongly on this matter.


2 thoughts on “Ladies & Gentlemen..The Fad of The Year is…

  1. Well said. I think people will always find ways to capitalise on the conditioning which we all have been subject to through advertising and (sometimes not so) subtle messages in TV shows and movies. Keep voicing your opinion rather than keeping in line with the general theme of your posts. A:)ex

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