E-Books – are they any good!?

So, one thing I have always loved to do is write, I used to sit for hours writing stories, diaries, scrapbooks..the lot. I loved making a book personal to me But also, exciting for the reader.

I have many ideas in my head of what I want to write at the momen, some ideas are fictional, some non fictional. But the thing is…I dont have all the time in the world to sit and write all day. so I thought of writing an ebook, something I could sit with on a night and write a couple of pages..it is only going to be a small one but how do I actually get into writing and book and how on earth would I sell something ! If you have ever wrtoe an ebook and think its helpful to give me some tips..please do 🙂

i am based in the uk so please remember this when sending links over as a lot of pages I am looking at to help me with this are all American and it isn’t helpful !!


your words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. And Thankyou in advance x


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