We got married in the snow and then went skiing!


So, it has been a Bit quiet on here recently and you will have to excuse me…I went off to Italy with my fiancé on holiday to Sauze d’oulx in Italy and whilst we were there we got married!

and something I wanted to talk about was marriage..the hype, the money, the dress, the colours, the attendees…and you know what…the media have made it such b*llocks to have the biggest wedding! the biggest cake! the biggest dress???and you know what??we did none of that!

we planned our wedding 2 months before we went on holiday. We told only family members and told them we were doing it On our own because we didn’t expect them to pay to travel to a ski resort in Italy. But we would have a party when we came back.

We didn’t ask for presents, we didn’t ask for money..I think it is disgusting for the future bride and groom to expect presents and then decide what their guests will give them..like a contribution to their honeymoon..PEOPLE..if you can’t afford a honeymoon..DONT GO ON ONE!

We paid for everything ourselves..and I mean everything. No one pledged or donated anything.

We got married in the town hall with just two witnesses, and after the wedding, we got changed and got back on the slopes skiing. It was the best day of my life..and it felt good..you know why..because there was no one there to complain about the food, complain about the venue, people worrying about money, donations, presents. the day was about us toe, what we both wanted to do, where we both wanted to go.

If you are thinking of getting married..do yourself a favour, save up and only do it the way YOU both want it. Don’t listen to friends who tell you that you need a bigger dress than Kim Kardasian’s derrière, a cake that honey boo boo can jump out of and only a certain colour code Because “traditionally it means….” NO!

It’s all a load of toff when others try and include themselves in your big day. Have it as big or as little as you want…at the end of the day, it’s one day..that one day isn’t going to have any outcome of your life together.

The most inspiring couple I know got married out of the blue, they got witnesses off the street and had fish and chips on a park bench…50 years later they are still together and loving life together. One day that costs you £30K isn’t going to promise you a lifetime of happiness. As long as you two do what you want, your happy and comfortable with what you both want..you will be happy.


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